I can (and will) do all things through Christ, because he gives me strength. Philippians 4:13

Mission: To empower women who perceive that we have limited options, when major life events occur.

Vision: For women to recognize that God’s plan is the open door; His plan for us supersedes all limitations; and His perfect love completely removes fear, anxiety, and worry.

My background: I am a Woman of God who is preparing for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and who has a passion for helping others to overcome obstacles from a spiritual perspective.

There are many options available for life coaching and motivational speakers. You may ask what makes this company unique, and how are they able to assist me. First, we include God in every life event by praying for guidance. Secondly, we facilitate the resolution process by teaching our proven algorithm for addressing and resolving your life events.

We are a Christian owned and operated business. Steps 2 Success with Solutions is non-denominational. Steps 2 Success utilizes a spiritual algorithm, which enables the development of personalized and practical solutions for each client. We ask that the client be willing to actively participate in developing resolutions, and remain open to modifications. There are no guarantees and no quick fixes. Short-term and long-term goals along with living a faith-based lifestyle allows God to enter and order our steps. Disclaimer-our services are not professional therapeutic interventions. We recognize that solutions for a client may necessitate professional therapy in order to achieve restoration.