Guaranteed Weekly Rest Day

At the conclusion of my physician’s visit, I was given a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue. My Dr. stated, “I recommend that you take off 24 hours-one day per week in which you stop thinking about all of your concerns and worries. In fact, eliminate housework, paying bills, running errands, and stay away from your computer, tablet, and cell phone (if possible). I would also like for you to read wholesome and uplifting books that leave you with a smile on your face.” I left the office thinking that I did not know how that would be possible. I was hoping for a prescription that I could take to my local pharmacy that would cure my fatigue.

I started to research the internet on how to take a 24-hour rest day once a week. Most of the articles were geared toward a person who exercised daily. I certainly didn’t have that problem. The only alternate article spoke about the importance of rest from a psychological perspective regarding innate qualities. I thought about the impossible task that my physician recommended, and concluded that I was really stressed out. I never expected to feel worse following my medical visit. I breathed a prayer for God to help me with the task ahead.

Out of nowhere, I begin to reflect on a group of patients that I cared for in New Jersey while doing Community Nursing. I can remember calling on a Friday evening to give critical lab values, and the change in medication that the physician had ordered. I left two messages without a response. On Sunday morning, I received a call back from the patient’s wife who explained that they kept the Sabbath, and did not accept or make phone calls. During the next visit, she gave further explanation that God had given us a 24-hour rest day from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. I have been keeping the Sabbath faithfully for eleven years, and have never suffered chronic fatigue again. I am very thankful that I believe in a God who loves me enough that he gave me a guaranteed weekly rest day.

Becoming an Overcomer

When challenged with an unfamiliar circumstance, is it best to “go with what you know,” in order to quickly resolve the problem?

Is falling back on previous resolutions really a good idea, even if it worked for that particular problem?

When faced with adversity, how reliable are your problem-solving skills?

How strong is your relationship with those in your network?

During a job interview, it is inevitable that you will be asked to identify your strengths and weaknesses. The purpose of this thought-provoking question is to assist the employer in determining your skill set as related to the right fit for the position. Utilizing the process of self-evaluation to identify your qualities is also helpful when trouble comes your way. Our reaction to adversity is dependent upon how we feel about our strengths and weaknesses. Once we have acknowledged our true qualities then we are ready to network. Simply ask God in prayer for help. It is impossible to be an overcomer without involving God in all aspects of our daily lives. Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be a disconcerting experience; however, the times that we live in demand motivation, determination, perseverance, and networking if we are to overcome adversity.

Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you. 1 Peter 5:7 NLT

Resolving unexpected life events with God

Fifty and Fighting the Fast Food Epidemic

Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit. 3 John 1:2 NLT

Annually, we are required to participate in an insurance health screening and assessment with a given deadline of August 31st. The screening assesses four metrics: BMI, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Hemoglobin A1C. In June, I received the postcard indicating the 30-day warning notice: the health screening/assessment was due by July 31st. As I reflected on my sedentary lifestyle, and increase in fast food intake, I begin to dread the assessment, and rationalized that the insurance company was utilizing tactics for failure. I needed that additional 30 days.

I started a mental debate on how well I had done within the past 6 weeks, and consoled myself by focusing on a recent 10 lb weight loss. I resolved that I would have to deal with my poor choices, and suffer the consequences. Nevertheless, I still had 30 days, and could make needed changes. Realistically, it was very hard to break the fast food habit. I was accustomed to ordering at the drive-thru, and my taste buds craved the high calorie delicacies. In fact, on the night of July 4th, I was still eating a midnight snack at 2am. At that point, I determined that I was totally out of control, and prayed for God to help me overcome the desire for unhealthy food.

With three weeks left, I was determined that I would make healthier food choices, and increase my activity. Kudos to me, I purchased a Fitbit, and ate close to veganism for two of the three remaining weeks. I scheduled my online appointment with Quest lab on July 27th, four days prior to the deadline. What I did not realize is that my recent efforts would not erase a year of poor choices. When I received the results, I had failed all four of the metrics. The parameters for the metrics were lowered to reflect an optimal level of wellness. I reviewed my results repeatedly. The level of disappointment that I felt was so overwhelming that I cried. Fast food had led to an increase in my triglyceride level of twice the level of the previous year. My HDL (good cholesterol) was still good, but my LDL (bad cholesterol) suffered.

The impact of my lifestyle stared back at me. So, I pulled myself together, and realized that I am not helpless in this situation. How important is my health and well-being? It is now my top priority. I am thankful that I have an insurance company that cares enough about their subscribers to require annual assessments. I am still facing the daily struggle of not choosing fast food chicken nuggets that were designed especially for me. However, I have made the decision to decrease unhealthy choices to once a month. I have replaced fast food with well-balanced meals. Not only do I feel better, I have lost an additional five lbs within two weeks.

Resolving Unexpected Life Events with God



Fifty plus-Need More Money?

Don’t store up treasures here on earth…Matthew 6:9

How many times have we heard, “You work hard for your money, enjoy your life, buy what you need?” Buying what we need usually translates into what we want by fulfilling our self-indulgent desires. In fact, we are being manipulated everyday by “Big Businesses” who utilize psychologists to develop marketing strategies to feed the beast of buying. Personally, I have never had anything to drink that would make me feel as if I were on a Caribbean beach with my toes in the sand; diamonds are not my best friends, and the list goes on and on. If you want a reality shock, start attending a few Estate or Moving sales-there is often an excess that would furnish 2-3 homes. The sellers are often functioning in the panic mode by the last day of the sale, slashing prices by 50 to 75%, or an offer to just take it.

How do we break the habit of “just buy it?”

Practical Methods for Breaking the Spending Habit:

1. Use the envelope method of a pre-determined amount of cash for food, shopping, and other expenses.
2. Organize your closets-donate or sell items you are unable to fit or have not worn in six months or longer.
3. Make a list of your assets; clothing, shoes, accessories, and household items.
4. Volunteer to help those in need. It helps to see life from another perspective.

Identifying our overabundance provides a reality check as to how blessed we are. Ask for help from God. It will take prayer and perseverance to change pleasurable behaviors. But, we can be overcomers in all things.

Resolving Life Events with God
Sonya Johnson-Ruiz RN

The Obstacles of Obtaining Employment for the 50 plus Females

There are many barriers to obtaining permanent employment for 50 + females.

  1. High productivity standards.
  2. Constant technological advancements.
  3. Employer Health insurance penalty of higher premiums
  4. Lack of certification/evidence of continuing education.
  5. Appearance of being middle-aged., gray hair, etc.
  6. Possess fewer cutting edge skills than younger counterparts.
  7. Ethnicity or racial background.
  8. Job offered is not the right fit.

Perhaps in your experience you have faced other issues. However, the middle-aged woman (if hired) is often the last hired-out of desperation-just to fill position.

What Happens When the Door Closes and you are in the Storm?

This is the post excerpt.

The brainchild of two Registered Nurses, ages 50 plus, who asked the question, “What happens when the door closes and you are in the storm?” After a lengthy discussion, we identified that maturing through the lifespan can be a difficult process for many women. Historically, we have overcome many obstacles; however, for reasons which are not easily identified, we are feeling quite overwhelmed with the present-unexpected life event.

When we perceive that we are overwhelmed; fear, worry, and anxiety escalate at disproportionate levels. As a result, we become spiritually disoriented, and gradually we become fixated on the closed-door. When we begin to communicate with God through prayer, we will realize that God has allowed the door or chapter in our lives to close. He is protecting us as only a Heavenly Father can do. As we draw closer to God, He will allow us to see his wonderful plan for our lives-many open doors.