Acts of Kindness

For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me…Matthew 25:35 ESV

Amen! Our challenge for this week is to do a random Act of Kindness for someone-anyone.

The news or social media often makes us aware of Random Acts of Kindness rendered to others. We are usually impressed by someone else’s generosity; but when was the last time you did something positive that was truly outside of your character? It is long overdue if you have to really think about it. Money should not be the motivating factor in the decision to gift your “Act of Kindness.” In fact, make an effort to give to the recipient as an anonymous donor.

Forming good habits are possible when we involve God. It is a wonderful boost to our bodies when we possess kindness; the immune system and our mental-emotional health respond instantly as our endorphins assist us in seeing life from a positive perspective. As long as we have the breath of life, we have the ability to obtain spiritual growth. Our character is a reflection of good and bad traits; even so, the great news is that God will enable us to possess the same loving-kindness that He gives to us.

Prayer for today: Dear God, Please give me the desire to possess kindness in every situation, regardless of the circumstances. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Sonya Johnson Ruiz

Author: steps2successwithsolutions

By profession, I am a Registered Nurse, with a passion for helping others overcome the obstacles in their lives. I am a writer of Devotionals, Romantic Poetry, and Research Articles. The recent development of Mentoring and launching as a Motivational Speaker has prompted me to address real-life issues for women from a spiritual perspective.