Busy, Busy, Busy

“You shall have no other gods before me”. Exodus 20:3

At the end of each day, reflect on your accomplishments. Were you able to achieve everything on your “to do list”? In fact, you may have completed all tasks and tackled a few other things with the additional free time for the day. Certainly, that would bring a sense of satisfaction along with a smile and proclamation of “Yes, I did it.”

There is an important order of priorities in the life of a believer:

1. God

2. Family

3. Job

4. The et cetera…

No matter what is on our daily list of things we need to accomplish, God must be first and last on our list. Morning worship includes a Prayer of Thanksgiving for another day of life; God’s grace and mercy require honoring Him prior to starting any other tasks.

When we fail to honor God, the decisions that we make and the subsequent tasks that we strive to accomplish do not reflect His guidance. Even with God as our Pilot, it does not mean that your day will move forward without obstacles; however, with God leading the way, you can rest assured things are moving in the direction that He has chosen for you.

Evening worship must include every member in your household. It is a time that spouses, children, and other family members have the opportunity to share their daily testimonies for the blessings of the day. This is also a time for spiritual growth and strengthening the family ties. It is the perfect strategy for preventing ungodly behaviors from forming and becoming a permanent part of your children’s character. Satan strives to deceive through the enticement of worldly pleasures.

Incorporate the Spiritual “to-do list” in your home: In addition to your personal worship, have Morning family prayer thanking God for a new day, and asking for His protection, and guidance.

God created us for the primary purpose of worshipping Him. He is just and fair, always ready to assist us in every aspect of our lives.

Go ahead, invite Him into the Busy, Busy, Busy aspect of your life and you will feel the greatest sense of accomplishment that is humanly possible.

Prayer for today: Dear God, Thank you for this day. I ask you to forgive me for not placing you at the top of my list. I desperately need you in my life. I love you and thank you for hearing my prayer. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen!

With God, victory is mine!

Sonya Johnson Ruiz

Winter in Finland

Author: steps2successwithsolutions

By profession, I am a Registered Nurse, with a passion for helping others overcome the obstacles in their lives. I am a writer of Devotionals, Romantic Poetry, and Research Articles. The recent development of Mentoring and launching as a Motivational Speaker has prompted me to address real-life issues for women from a spiritual perspective.