Peace in the Midst of the Storm

“Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him…” Psalm 37:7 NIV

How was your day? Did you experience any situation that disturbed your well-organized, and peaceful plans? For most of us, our day did not go as planned, even so, we can still enjoy a peaceful rest this evening.

Mark 4 tells us the story of a raging storm where Jesus and his disciples were on a boat that was being ravaged by tumultuous waves and hurricane-like winds. The disciples who had witnessed many miracles performed by Jesus were so fearful that they allowed their emotions to override their faith in God.

When we endure storms in our lives, do we rely on our emotions, which will never provide peace or increase our faith in God, to bring resolution in the midst of our storm? Even the men who were in close proximity to Jesus were faithless when they felt that their lives were in danger.

How is it possible that we who believe in the Almighty Creator who is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and died and rose to return to His Heavenly home, have so little faith?

For each one of us the answer is uniquely personal. I can share my reason for doubting God’s power; it is when I have failed to call on His Holy name. I am not referring to my routine daily worship times with God. I am referring to the times that require solitude with fasting, praying, studying the Bible, and crying out to God.

Like Job, there are situations that God allows to come upon us, so that we can draw nearer and closer to Him. God does love and care for us, He is waiting for us to faithfully give Him all of our earthly storms, and He will rebuke the winds and the waves by saying, “Peace be still.”

“Turn it over to Jesus, Turn it over to Jesus, and you can smile the rest of the day.”

Challenge for today: Draw nearer and closer to God through fasting and praying.

Prayer for today: Dear God, Our faith is not where we need it to be. We lack complete trust in knowing that you are always available to hear and answer our prayers. When our storms are raging, we have allowed our emotions to overpower us, and for this we ask forgiveness. Please give us the desire to have a up close and personal relationship with you. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen!

Sonya Johnson Ruiz

Author: steps2successwithsolutions

By profession, I am a Registered Nurse, with a passion for helping others overcome the obstacles in their lives. I am a writer of Devotionals, Romantic Poetry, and Research Articles. The recent development of Mentoring and launching as a Motivational Speaker has prompted me to address real-life issues for women from a spiritual perspective.