The Days of Our Lives

There was also a prophetess, Anna…She never left the temple but worshipped night and day, fasting and praying. Luke 2:36-37

If you were asked to give a total recall of every action and spoken word for yesterday, what percentage based on a scale of 0-100% would you be able to provide for how you lived the previous day? Based on what you can remember, would you repeat the same behaviors or actions or spoken words today?

There are some of us who are feeling great about yesterday and could build off of those accomplishments from the previous day, using them to move forward and carry over that productivity through today. If a well-organized lifestyle is one that you possess on a day-to-day basis then you certainly deserve kudos for your strengths in prioritizing, time management, and organizational skills.

For others, they are still striving to have a well-balanced and organized lifestyle; however, their lives reflect disorganization, making decisions on a whim, and not having enough hours in a day to accomplish the important tasks. It is unlikely that they are able to recall their actions from the previous day which creates additional stressors in their daily lives and prevents a smooth transition from yesterday to today.

When we acknowledge and recognize our shortcomings due to knowledge deficit or because we lack the skills necessary to have a productive lifestyle, then we have taken the first step to relearn and remodel our lives. We are blessed with many resources in the 21st century that enable us to change our situation; there are still individuals who love to help others, educational programs can be found in libraries, community colleges, and churches; self-help literature; on the job training; state unemployment training; and the list is endless.

In Luke chapter 2, verses 36-38, we are given a short but concise story of a prophetess by the name of Anna who was married for seven years and widowed for 84 years. She spent her time–day and night in the temple fasting, praying, and worshipping God; in fact, biblical depiction tells us that Anna never left the temple.

It may be difficult to imagine her choice to live in the temple, spending day after day inside, not having a home to take care of, failure to socialize with family and friends or to search for a way to make money. Even so, if we reflect on the era in which Anna lived, there were very few women who are mentioned in the Bible that could survive without a husband or support from their family.

In spite of how we view her circumstances, Anna the prophetess was filled with love for God and possessed great wisdom, what better place could she have chosen than the temple? The temple provided shelter, companionship from the daily worshippers who certainly assisted in providing for her needs as a poor widow, but most importantly she was in the presence of God. Because of her love for God, Anna knew how to prioritize her life and God honored her commitment by giving her longevity, provision of her physical necessities and fulfilling her emotional and social needs. The days of her life were abundantly enriched in all aspects, and this is evident by her desire to consistently put God first: Anna made the choice to remain in the presence of God, she possessed an ever-present spirit of gratitude as she prayed, fasted, and worshipped God day and night, always acknowledging His love, grace, and mercies.

Even though we may not recall all of our actions from the previous day, we should have total recall of our daily worship practices to God. We must possess a “God-first” mindset; our dedication to God must supersede every secular activity that is on our agenda. When our lives are filled with prayer, fasting, and gratitude through worship, God will rearrange the days of our lives for His honor and glory, and we will always have total recall of our worship to the Creator day after day, month after month, and year after year.

Stay in His presence!

Bible Reading: Luke 2: 36-39

Prayer for today: Dear God, We come to you presenting our spiritual deficiencies and we ask you to forgive us for our sins and shortcomings. We ask you to cleanse us from all unrighteousness and to fill us with your Holy Spirit. It is our desire to always be in your presence by worshipping you with a grateful heart. You have done so much for us and we give you the days of our lives that we may honor you and give you the glory forever and ever. We thank you for your love, grace, and mercies, and we ask this prayer for change in the Worthy Name of your Son, Jesus. Amen.

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Author: steps2successwithsolutions

By profession, I am a Registered Nurse, with a passion for helping others overcome the obstacles in their lives. I am a writer of Devotionals, Romantic Poetry, and Research Articles. The recent development of Mentoring and launching as a Motivational Speaker has prompted me to address real-life issues for women from a spiritual perspective.