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With the convenience of digital files and folders, my file cabinets are nearly empty. I opened the top drawer out of curiosity and retrieved a stuffed and forgotten folder that contained printed copies of many Devotionals. Much to my surprise, there was a copy of a completed assignment from one of my Business Management courses regarding money as the most powerful motivator for humanity. The paper was written in 2010.

The Professor of the course always posed three thought-provoking questions that demanded self-evaluation along with the research of the mindsets of the status quo, and mainstream society. During our first class, he gave a demonstration to prove what we see with our eyes and hear with our ears is usually tainted with deception. As he stood there clothed in a navy jacket, button-down shirt, beige khaki pants, and expensive loafers, he asked the class if he was dressed appropriately for a job interview, and if we were the hiring manager would we consider him as an appropriate candidate to fill the job vacancy based on his appearance, to which our response was yes.

His next action was to remove his jacket and shirt, and as we looked at tatted arms, a t-shirt, and a biker’s vest, we laughed. He then held up his biker boots and helmet, which were concealed behind the desk, and asked, “Would you hire me now?” A life-changing event caused our perspective to change as we embraced the reality that what you see and hear may not be the whole truth and is not necessarily beneficial for your life.

I am sharing an excerpt from the assignment in my response to the question, “Money is the most important form of motivation. Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?”

Considering the prevailing standards for today’s society, money is promoted as the most crucial factor in life. As far as actually being the most important motivating factor that is based on individual preferences. When money is the driving force, negative consequences occur due to the compromise that is required to sustain its importance. What is there to lose? Decline in work ethics, moral and ethical values, and disloyalty are the detrimental consequences in the pursuit of money.

I am not referring to the desire for decent monetary compensation, which is always an essential factor for job consideration. After all, it takes money for the provision of life’s basic needs; food, clothing, shelter, etc. However, the basic needs of safety from “a predictable world with consistency, fairness, routine, a sense of stability, and security” (Maslow, 1943) can never be attained by the pursuit of unpredictable and unstable tangible rewards. Sonya Johnson Ruiz, 2010

The love of money cripples even the sharpest minds. The status of the economy has always been at the forefront even though we face the worst global pandemic in our lifetime. And the numbers continue to grow!

For those who are in love with their bank accounts, stocks, and investments; they are unable to think rational thoughts. Enter the Coronavirus, and the love of money reflects inappropriate responses to re-open the Nation and let the sick, and those with weak Immune systems Stay-at-Home. The economy must be preserved by any means necessary, and they are willing to risk anyone who stands in their way.

They speak words of deception and proclaim that the number of cases is higher because of the increase in testing. The number of cases and deaths are higher because people are still spreading the infectious COVID-19 organism–asymptomatic carriers who refuse to be tested, those who are symptomatic but are forced to work. After all, they need their health benefits, along with other possibilities that facilitate the continued spread of the disease.

How many of us have been sick in the past and purchased Over-the-Counter medications to alleviate or mask the symptoms because we had to go to our jobs? On Mother’s Day, 5/10/2020, a member attended her Church’s service and exposed 180 individuals to the Coronavirus because she did not wait for her test results, which she would receive the next day, 5/11/2020. Beware of over-confidence, continue to practice Social Distancing and Stay-at-Home, it is infected people who are spreading the COVID-19 virus.

The known cases reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention do not reflect the unreported positive cases.

January of 2020: Total Cases: 4,226 and Total Deaths: 45

May 15, 2020: Total Cases: 1,480,349 and Total Deaths: 89,407

Historically, every country has experienced abject adversities; war, famine, bigotry, discrimination, diseases, and social injustices. The desire to abate these atrocities resulted in the development of relevant strategies to resolve or lessen the impact.

Because of the love of money, our political leaders have struck down the very measures that would curtail the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The preservation of human lives was never a priority in the United States of America. The love of money has also infiltrated the religious community along with many Pastors who God has entrusted to “Feed his sheep.”

“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” Matthew 6:24

We must choose God or Money.

© Sonya Johnson Ruiz 2020, No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted for commercial purposes without the written permission of the author.

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