Disable the Distractions!

Yesterday, I researched to find out why my tablet had slowed down. Although there were several possible reasons and troubleshooting techniques, the one reason that stood out is the pre-installed apps that automatically run and receive updates. To my surprise, the pre-installed apps, known as bloatware, cannot be deleted, but they can be disabled, or the device can be rooted. After reading the pros and cons of rooting, I decided to take the safest option, which is to disable the bloatware and clean the cache.

Considering that I did not get my first computer until 2007, I have come a long way. Because I am still on a learning curve with solving techy problems, I had to swim through a sea of information, use common sense, and say a prayer before taking action. Learning to fix an issue that caused much frustration (I was angry with my WiFi provider) taught me not to assume and to broaden my perspective by acquiring new knowledge.

We possess the ability to seek knowledge and learn new concepts that can significantly change the quality of our lives. It is not a complicated process to achieve personal growth; obtaining new knowledge is easily accomplished and empowers us to see beyond our boundaries. If learning beyond what we have experienced and acquired academically is so easy, then why are we resistant?

We are pre-loaded with mental and emotional bloatware that varies based on our life experience. Exposure to a negative environment results in a struggle that is harder than someone who was nurtured and received a positive reinforcement to accomplish their goals. Still, we can rise above our prior experiences. “You do not have to end up where you began!” The growth and development of becoming a better person are only possible with continuous learning.

To initiate the new and improved person, we need the bundle package of Desire, Motivation, Perseverance, Planning, and the strength to Overcome–Internal elements that fight the External factors that lead to Failure.

Desire means having a wish to get something. Motivation means that which inspires us to achieve the goal, which can lead our life better. … A desire can lead to doing something we need, but motivation is the final thing that can put on the place where we wanted to come when we desire to reach there. philosophy.stackexchange.com Jul 24, 2013

The spark of desire must be within to change your current status. However, having a desire is not enough. Yes, desire is a catalyst for change, but wishing for something falls short if it is not fueled by motivation and perseverance. “Motivation is a force that compels you to do something. In other words, it is the reason why you act.”

Before setting goals for growth and development, we should identify the external factors that present opposition to our plans. We live in tumultuous times full of chaos, disunity, sickness, disease, fear, carelessness, anger, etc. Nevertheless, we can take the necessary steps to use our internal mechanisms of willful determination to propel us forward.

Setting goals is the next step to improving your life. The goals must be realistic and achievable on a short-term or long-term basis and result in a positive outcome. Once you are motivated and determined to seek new knowledge, then the roller-coaster ride begins. Anticipating that we will face obstacles is not the same as possessing a negative outlook. The awareness that things will go awry even when skillfully planned provides us with the strength and ability to adapt, resolve, and overcome.

And that resilience gives us another viable character trait, perseverance!

Perseverance is the internal strength that keeps us focused and gives us the drive to challenge the obstacles and keep moving in the right direction. When faced with the obstacle, identify the problem either as one that you can resolve or one that you have no control over. Rational thinking and patience are the tools required to address the presenting challenges. Remember, we have to utilize time and effort to eliminate the distractions. Most likely, we can resolve the issues, but there are no guarantees. Taking the time to re-evaluate and modify our existing plans ensures that we stay on the path to achieve success.

Some may think, setting goals, re-evaluating, and fighting obstacles is easier said than done, and I agree wholeheartedly. And for that reason, I prefer additional help with overcoming and disabling life’s distractions. Although my internal strengths include motivation and perseverance, self-reliance was a distraction that weakened my character and prevented me from reaching my goals. Yes, I am still responsible for doing my part in the pursuit of knowledge and making a conscientious effort to improve my quality of life. But I learned to tap into the power from a higher source, God.

Even when my plans appear perfect, I still become sidetracked from the obstacles and cannot move forward. Including God in my life has changed my perception, broadened my perspective, and narrowed my pursuits. Through prayer and the process of elimination, God has enabled me to prioritize my goals. Because I was born sinful and shaped by iniquity, I cannot delete the sinful bloatware that continues to resurface.

Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God, everything is possible.” Matthew 19:26

It is only through God that my mental and emotional bloatware can be deleted. My part is to disable the unnecessary distractions that prevent me from seeking spiritual knowledge and praying for wisdom. The great news is that God will perform the rooting process when we commit to serving Him. He is just a prayer away. But when you pray, go away by yourself, shut the door behind you, and pray to your Father in private. Then your Father, who sees everything, will reward you. Mathew 6:6

Verse for today: I can do all this through Him who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13

God, we ask you to provide us with the strength to disable the distractions that prevent us from growing closer to you. We desire spiritual growth as we study your Word and communicate with you through prayer. We ask this prayer in the Worthy Name of your Son, Jesus. Amen.

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